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Building an at-home

Sticking to a wellness practice can be challenging.  While we might start out strong, we can find ourselves feeling less motivated, frustrated, or bored. 

Unfortunately, feelings of shame and hopelessness are often the end result.

We often assume our struggles are due to a lack of willpower, discipline, or moral stamina.  However, the answer to finding life-long wellness is found somewhere much more profound, in our individual psychologies: in the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, our value, and our power; in the emotions we experience when we realize we're struggling; and in the fear of living in a body that although stronger, begins to feels foreign.

And I believe, it is within this struggle, where we can find our answers ...

Perhaps, an exploration into the problematic beliefs that get in your way can help. This exploration will provide the insight needed to better manage the triggers and struggles that previously derailed your efforts.  It will also guide us as we develop a wellness plan that is uniquely tailored to your individual strengths, needs, goals, personality, and environment.


My recommendation ... Yoga!

Yoga - real yoga - is so much more than just a physical practice of holding poses.  It has nothing to do with striving for a bikini body, abs, or thigh gap.  Rather, yoga is a way of living.  It is the mindful practice of integrating and caring for the mind, body, and spirit.  It is a practice of surrender, compassion, love, connection, focus, responsibility, and acceptance.  

My passion is to bring yoga - real yoga - into your world.  

As we work toward developing your individualized practice, you will gain a deeper understanding of how yoga heals and how to apply it to your life.  You will feel a shift in how you experience yourself.  You will begin to appreciate your body as the physical vessel that carries your spirit, and you will discover a renewed sense of strength and peaceful determination, allowing you to finally realize the wellness you've always wanted.



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