My theoretical orientation is rooted in Adlerain, Jungian, Existential, and Buddhist psychologies.  While working together, you will experience a trauma-informed therapy approach carefully tailored to your unique needs and preferences.  From traditional talk therapy - to the less traditional mind-body-spirit practices of mindfulness and meditation, artistic expression, narrative therapy, and positive psychology - you will be provided with a treatment plan grounded in science.  All with the goal of helping you:

Embrace your power

Own your existence

Live your truth


Together, we will work to explore how you navigate life’s transitions and struggles. We’ll look at the interpersonal characteristics that influence how you experience your life story, change, fear, courage, power, relationships, and, ultimately, yourself. We will examine your strengths and skillsets and assess how you utilize - or under-utilize them. With this insight, I will use my training and understanding of the human condition to provide you with tools and resources you can use to not just exist, but LIVE.



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