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I intentionally choose to not work with insurance companies for a number of

reasons that I believe provide great benefit to my patients and our working relationship.



When a patient sees a therapist and pays via insurance, all records of the visit including presenting problem, diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis must be shared with the insurance company. Therefore, it becomes a permanent part of the patient’s medical record.


However, when you pay out of pocket, there is no required diagnosis and your therapy remains completely private (with the exceptions to confidentiality as mandated by state and federal regulations). No reports of your treatment are shared with your insurance and all records remain with me only.



Health insurance companies often limit the healthcare providers who patients can see for treatment. As with any health-related treatment, this can provide challenges as patient-provider relationships are built on trust that develops over time and is not based solely on whether a therapist appears on an “in network” list.



My patients are my biggest — and sole — referral source, so I am deeply motivated to ensure I am meeting the needs of each and every patient. I am also not bound by the structures imposed by insurance companies (e.g., allotted session time) so I can take the time I need to build effective working patient-therapist relationships.



Simply put, you are my patient. You are paying me. Therefore, you and I are in control of your treatment, not an insurance company.

Payment methods

I accept payment by cash, credit, and debit. I do not accept personal checks or insurance. Payment is due before or at the time of service.



To schedule an appointment,
please call 651-328-1541
or email

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