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What is therapy AND WHY IT MIGHT BE FOR YOU?


Therapy is a way to take ownership of your life. It’s a way for you to discover and examine the problematic core beliefs you hold that get in your way. It’s rediscovering your strengths, organizing your thoughts, and clarifying your desires and goals with the intention of experiencing yourself, your relationships, and your life in a whole new way. Therapy is the antithesis
of pathology.

Therapy, yoga, and meditation are powerful tools to help you on your path toward mental health and wellness. The insights gained and skills learned can help you navigate the challenges, changes, and transitions of life with more ease. With the right approach, you are likely to feel a greater sense of control over how you experience yourself, your work, and your relationships. As your therapist, I will be evaluating your progress and requesting that we adjust the timing or duration of our sessions. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility as the client to stay present with your mind, body, and spirit and to honor your truth.



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