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Why Might Therapy be Right for You?

There are times when we all could use a safe space to work through our struggles without the worry of being labeled with a diagnosis. Worry, sadness, and fear are all a part of a healthy human experience. How we manage these feelings today determines how we experience them in the future. Psychotherapy is a way to take ownership of these struggles, and your life. It’s a way for you to discover and examine the problematic core beliefs you hold that get in your way, and it’s at the heart of intentional wellness: which is honoring and taking charge of your struggles so instead of sabotaging you… they begin to serve you.


Perhaps, however, you are someone who spends so much time taking care of the needs of others that you have forgotten the importance of taking care of yourself. Our ability to serve the world at the level we desire requires us to be in strong physical, emotional, and spiritual condition. As a holistic therapist, this is my passion. To walk with you, side by side, as you navigate the integration of your mind, body, and spirit; to provide you with the space to rediscover your strengths, organize your thoughts, and clarify your goals; to help you own your existence and live your truth: because this is where your real purpose resides, and the world needs you.


How I Protect Your Privacy

Because I do not work with insurance companies for reimbursement, my services are completely confidential. I take extra steps to protect your personal information by maintaining
all records in handwritten format; and other than email communications, I do not draft or store any client information
or records electronically. 



To schedule an appointment,
please call 651-328-1541
or email

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